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Lancaster Water Week

Working with the Lancaster Conservancy, we launched a water public awareness campaign in 2017 connecting the importance of forested land and clean water.  Collaborated with many non-profit and local companies.2019 was our third successful year with over 24 events in 7 days.


Every day systems

Looking at your every day tasks.   What systems do you have in place?   How does this connect with your mission?  Is this something you do well?   Or should this be outsourced?   What are your strengths?


Online Store

Building a site that reflects the complexity of your business, illustrating the uniqueness of what you do.   Lancaster Farmacy grows organic herbs and creates small batch herbal products.

Mary Schroeder has over 17 years of organizational consulting.  With a background in sales and marketing for a corporate 500 company, Mary has leveraged her strengthens toward small sustainable companies within her community. Starting from the mission of your organization, Mary wants to ensure that everything you do on a daily basis aligns with your goals.   She will build upon your skill set to customize systems that work for you.  The goal of onTask is to create structure that is easeful so that you can follow your passion.   Affordable, professional solutions.  Mary has lived in Lancaster County for over 20 years. Her formal education is with The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio with a B.A in Urban Studies.

Systems Management      Bookkeeping      Website Design      Sales and Marketing
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